Prevention of Absenteeism in Organisation

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How to reduce absenteeism in organisations
1.Identify the causes for an employee’s absenteeism. If you can find out why an employee is consistently absent, then you can deal more effectively with the problem. For example, if an employee is often absent because of issues with childcare, you could offer them the option of more flexible working hours. 2.Implement a thorough record system. For every employee, you should record the date, duration and reason for each case of absenteeism. This way you will have evidence of each absence if you need to refer back to it. 3.Meticulously follow up on each case of absenteeism. You should write a letter recording each case of absenteeism and distribute it to the employee. This will make them aware they are being monitored and make them more likely to think before they take a sick day. 4.Properly inform and regularly update your employees about your standards and policies regarding absenteeism. If you make a change to your absenteeism policy, make sure you let your employees know. Even if you don’t make a change, you should still remind your employees regularly of the standards you have in place. You could do this via a company-wide email or memo. Employee absence is a significant cost to 90% of businesses, according to the survey.

This section outlines ten tips to help you in managing absence and tackling poor performance in the workplace.

Top 10 Absence Management Tips:
1 Create an absence policy and communicate it
2 Record and measure absence
3 Reduce absenteeism by enforcing and managing the staff absence policy 4 Follow employee absence with return to work interviews
5 Proactive absence management - reward excellent attendance 6 Be realistic – plan for unscheduled staff absence
7 Consider unpaid leave or options to buy more holiday time
8 Minimise absence by improving their working conditions
9 Make controlling absenteeism a business priority
10 Keep your staff absence policy up-to-date
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