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Military Athlete

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The following program is designed to improve performance with a concentration on rucking-based military selections (Green Beret, Delta, The Activity). This is a 8-week program that will require the athlete to train up to 6 days a week. The program incudes a 2 week taper at the end so you arrive at selection fit, not beaten down. This program is designed to be employed on the final 8 weeks before your selection begins. If you are further out then 8 weeks from your selection start date, we recommend you continue with the regular Military Athlete programming. CAUTION! Selections are designed to push the candidate to the edges physically, and see how you perform. While subsequent selections may have many similar events and durations, there are many differences between subsequent selections simply because cadre and the candidate pool change. Further, the various special forces units are secretive about what to expect. The following plan is a suggested preparation program. I do not guarantee that if you complete it, you’ll make it through selection. I’ve never personally attended a selection or even observed one. The following program is based on what I’ve been able to gather about what to expect and some of the suggested train up plans from the Green Berets and “The Activity” plus my knowledge of strength and conditioning. This is free advice. Use it for what you will. Finally, this is a very intense training program. If you have not been completing the Military Athlete programming for several weeks prior, do not be surprised is you are unable to complete these sessions. If you have been completing the Military Athlete programming, the exercises prescribed in this program will be familiar to you. If you have not ben completing the Military Athlete programing, please visit and click on the “exercises” link for unfamiliar exercise descriptions. The program is built around 4 distinct physical goals:

Military Athlete, Ruck-Based Selection Training Program • Copyright Rob Shaul, 2009

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1) Ruck: 18 miles @ 50lbs in 4.5 hours if traveling the road or 6 hrs if traveling cross country. Several selections involve and require extensive rucking. We believe the best way to train for rucking is to ruck. The problem is, extensive rucking can and does break the body down. We’ve tried to design a progressive rucking program which limits rucking to 2x/week, and will build you up but avoids over training, and sends you to selection strong and ready. 2) Running: 8 miles in 64 min and 2 miles in 14 min. Many selections involve extensive unloaded running. Further, running will help build an aerobic base. 3) 10 rounds (unbroken) of 5x pullups 10x dips 15x pushup, 20x situps You can expect to do many pushups, pullups, situps and other body weight calethentics at selection. This simple circuit is a way to build upper body cals endurance. 4) 55 reps of Sand bag get ups @ 80# in 10 min. The sandbag getup is our favorite core exercise. A strong midsection is key to durability. The goal here is to build a strong core to protect your back and vulnerable limbs from the tests and trials ahead. It’s preventative medicine. This program includes these less distinct physical goals: - Build the athlete’s mode-specific aerobic base (running and rucking) - Prepare the athlete for selection unknowns (we use intense work capacity circuits to accomplish this.) - Build durability - through rucking with a heavy pack, sand bag get ups, and strength training RUNNING FORM Proper running and rucking form will not only make a huge difference in your speed, but also make you more efficient - thereby saving energy, and most important, significantly decrease the impact these activities have on your body. There are several running form philosophies and even books available, but we’ve found that all of them share key form...
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