Practicum 7 Final Report

Topics: Economic system, Planned economy, Mixed economy Pages: 32 (8586 words) Published: December 2, 2012
University of Trinidad and Tobago
School of Cognition and Learning

Practicum VII
Lecturers’ Names :
L. Payne
A.A Wilson
L. Perez
Student Name : Amrit Harrilal
Student ID : 111007714

Schedule of my classes4
POB lesson notes39
Principles of Accounts Lesson Notes52
Principles of Business Scheme of Work62
Principles of Accounts Scheme of Work64

Schedule of my classes

All of my classes were double periods. My subjects are taught for six periods in the six day cycle at the school. My first teaching day was on Wednesday 17th October for the last two periods of the day where I taught Principles of Business. My next class was on Friday 19th October for the first two periods, the subject was also Principles of Business. On Monday the 22nd October I taught Principles of Accounts and on Tuesday the 23rd October I taught Principles of Business for the first two periods and then Principles of accounts for the third and forth periods. My last teaching day was on Thursday 25th October however I was not able to teach this lesson due to the school having a cultural program for the scheduled time of my class which would have been the last two periods of the day.


Reflection for first class.
The first class that I taught was on Wednesday 17th October. The class was a double period and it was for the last two periods of the day. My co operating teacher miss Rodney was present as well as my supervisor Miss Perez. I believe that the class went well and I was able to achieve the objectives I set out to do in a reduced time period. There was a delay in starting the class because the teacher wanted to take roll, and I was waiting for students to come into the class to begin. I lost about 10 minutes waiting for the class to start and during this time I was beginning to get nervous. The class was hot and humid and my constant nervous perspiring was not making it any easier. After a little while the nerves were gone and I was able to talk normally to the class. The set induction that I used was effective because I used the example of 4 football teams and their leadership style and the students responded well to my set induction. The class is mainly boys and it is football season and the school is doing well in the local league so I thought it would have been a good idea to use the example of football teams to make the example more relating to the content. Throughout the lesson I referred back to the set induction to draw reference to the similarities between the teams and the different economic systems. As the class progressed I thought a student was testing me because of the question he asked which had nothing to do with the content that I was teaching. The question he asked was “what would happen if an unstoppable object were to hit an immovable object” I responded by saying “What does that question have to do with economic systems, but to answer your question, I believe that nothing would happen.” I thought I handled the situation well and my classroom management skills were effective, I walked around to check to see if they were taking notes and to generally have my presence felt throughout the class. I was getting a lot of questions from one side of the class and so my attention was mostly directed to that side of the class, something that I would like to remedy for my subsequent classes and for the rest of my teaching career. Due to the lack of time my assessment would have had to be done for homework. I did manage to complete the content that I wanted to teach. At the end of the class my supervisor told me that the lesson went well and in my future lessons to use group work or group activities and to have some resources such as charts. The charts I think would have been a nice addition to the lesson,...
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