Post War History Notes

Topics: Washing machine, Home appliance, Greenhouse gas Pages: 7 (2221 words) Published: December 27, 2012
Australia’s social and cultural history in the post war period Timeline:
* 1950: Australian troops joined UN force in Korea
* 1951: males over 19 yrs old had to register for the army * 1952: Victa lawn mower was invented
* 1954:queen Elizabeth II visited Australia
* 1956: Melbourne Olympics was held
* 1957:wining designs for Sydney opera house
* 1958:last section of pacific highway was sealed and 2ue radio station was publishes * 1959: nation service conscription ends
Summary of the topics: the concepts of teenagers, women’s-liberation, non English speaking migrant and multi-cultural were still unfamiliar to Australians. Robert Menzies became the prime minster of Australia on the 10 December 1949; Australia was still royal to British Empire. The revolution of technology was connecting to wider world.

Changing technology-home appliance
The 1950’s- a decade of change
* 1950’s was a period of economic success, high employment and great technological development, Australians enthusiastically decorated their homes with a rage of new domestic appliance also hire purchase schemes allows people to take products home and pay for them in instalments. * Magazines and bright TV encouraged women to purchase new appliances, which made working time less and also the appliance looked good. * Appliances such as electric stoves, refrigerators, toasters and kittle made the kitchen life easier, also vacuum cleaner and washing machine made cleaning more enjoyable. * By the end of the 50’s, small appliances were considered were first considered luxuries, like kettles, and electric mixer were also considered must have at the time but other appliance such as washing machine were still expensive for many families to afford.

1960s- Mass production and disposable appliances
* Early 60’s development in manufacturing technology led to a hug increase in mass production, this meant that appliances become not just affordable but essential for everyday living. * As more and more people were purchasing products, manufacture soon boasted a new variety of features in their products such as, in the new iron there was improvement like thermostats (a temperature setting). 1960’s design consideration

* Appearance of the home appliances was similar to heavy industrial factory equipment-an attempt by manufacture to emphasise the efficiency for their products. These appliances tended to look like hard work than an enjoyable experience. So the manufacture soon altered the design of home appliances, making them look smoother, shinier, and more stylish and available in more variety of colours. 1970’s and 1980’s

* By the 70’s having home appliances were deemed essential for daily living, kitchen appliances of the 80’s included food processors and blenders, this meant cooking was easier and quicker. Energy efficiency

* As development in Australian home appliances focused on energy efficiency, this lead to environmental awareness was at all time high as home appliances were a major source of electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Appliances such as refrigerators were required to become more energy efficient in the late 80’s and 90’s. 1990’’s environmentalism and the era of improvement

* 90’s were a era of improvement which meant that manufacture made minor improvement and added features to their products, appliances such as bread makers and coffee machine had a huge variety of machines. * Advances in home appliance technology led to introduction of different plastics and other new materials, products soon increased in strength and durability. Social impact of home appliances

* Home appliances were meant to relieve women from hours spent on household tasks, but the quantity of household chores increased, such as washing machine may have reduced the time to wash clothes but the amount of clothes people owned in the 90’s was...
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