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Topics: Middle class, Welfare, Welfare economics Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: April 9, 2013
73-120- Civic Engagement
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Position Statement # ___5 Topic ___Child Poverty

Item| Explanation|
Issue Summary Issue HistoryExtent of the Problem| Child Poverty has been increasing, at least one in five children live below the poverty rate, higher than adults. It raises a big concern because it can last a lifetime, with children failing, dropping out of school, and getting arrested. Social, emotional, and behavioral problems can also be associated with child poverty. Some believe that the growing number of children in poverty is a cultural problem rather than an economic one, based on the growing number of single-mother families. | Alternative ONE| Michael Tanner believes in denying welfare to mothers who have children out of wedlock. He says that government programs like this are creating an incentive for behavior that leads to poverty. | Alternative TWO| LaDonna Pavetti believes that women who have children out of wedlock should not be denied welfare rights. She says that it would deny support to children who had nothing to do with the parents actions. | Personal ImpactYOUR Stake| I didn’t realize how serious child poverty was. You always see those commercials to help kids in different countries, but you don’t realize that it’s also happening around here too. I was always in a lower middle class family, but it was never that bad, and now I feel bad for even saying at all that my money problems are hard.| Source ONE other than your text| (Why useful?) I tried to pick articles with opposing views to get both stances on the issue, and this one I felt argued their side reasonably well as to why it should be denied| (citation)| "Welfare Debate Focusing on Out-of-Wedlock Births : Reform: Conservatives Push to Deny Cash Benefits to Teen-agers Who Bear Children. Issue Signals Shape and Intensity of Upcoming Senate Action." Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles Times, 03 Aug. 1995. Web. 11 Oct. 2012. ....
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