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The lamp at Noon

The exposition of the story took place sometime in the 1930’s, on the prairie farm somewhere, probably in U.S.A , the depression drought called dust Bowl years, this situation mad the wife worried about her husband and her baby and their relationship, and she doesn’t want to live on the farm anymore. Paul, the protagonist, is farmer husband who doesn’t want to leave the farm even though he can’t meet his family needs. And his wife Ellen who represents the antagonist, she does, wants to stay or accept the life on the farm. Ellen has a serious argument with Paul about their lives and her weariness she told him that she can’t stand it anymore give a foreshadowing in the story and was the initial incident when they start their argument .Ellen gave up persuading was rising action and ran away with her baby is climax and the falling action happened when Paul found her and got her back home with a dead baby. The theme of the story is that depression and isolation affects peoples’ lives and relationship negatively. The story is told in omniscient third person, as we know the thoughts of the characters and the conflict. The conflict took different ways, for example, between and Paul for she doesn’t want to stay, and he doesn’t want to leave the farm and his wife’s ideas and the weather which against him to grow the crops. Paul also have some kind of man vs. himself conflict as he feels guilty about his wife and his bagboy. The suspense in the story occurred when Ellen left home with her baby, and Paul was trying to find them and asks others for help. Also the hope of Ellen to persuade Paul by running away from the farm and gaining with her son to her family city was suspense, also the mystery. the dilemma for Paul is to accept or not the protognasit ideas, for Ellen to stay or to leave Paul, at the end of the story when Paul found Ellen and the baby, the storm stopped by that time anexample of coincidence, as he told her befor that the storm...
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