Topics: Love, Childhood, Happiness Pages: 4 (570 words) Published: March 2, 2013
A Tribute to My Town
When I remember the days 
that saw my early childhood 
spent on the green shores 
of a murmurous lagoon; 
when I remember the coolness, 
delicious and refreshing, 
that on my face I felt 
as I heard Favonius croon; 

when I behold the white lily 
swell to the wind’s impulsion, 
and that tempestuous element 
meekly asleep on the sand; 
when I inhale the dear 
intoxicating essence 
the flowers exude when dawn 
is smiling on the land; 

sadly, sadly I recall 
your visage, precious childhood, 
which an affectionate mother 
made beautiful and bright; 
I recall a simple town, 
my comfort, joy and cradle, 
beside a balmy lake, 
the seat of my delight. 

Ah, yes, my awkward foot 
explored your sombre woodlands, 
and on the banks of your rivers 
in frolic I took part. 
I prayed in your rustic temple, 
a child, with a child’s devotion; 
and your unsullied breeze 
exhilarated my heart. 

The Creator I saw in the grandeur 
of your age-old forests; 
upon your bosom, sorrows 
were ever unknown to me; 
while at your azure skies 
I gazed, neither love nor tenderness 
failed me, for in nature 
lay my felicity. 

Tender childhood, beautiful town, 
rich fountain of rejoicing 
and of harmonious music 
that drove away all pain: 
return to this heart of mine, 
return my gracious hours, 
return as the birds return 
when flowers spring again! 

But O goodbye! May the Spirit 
of Good, a loving gift-giver, 
keep watch eternally over 
your peace, your joy, your sleep! 
For you, my fervent pryers; 
for you, my constant desire 
to learn; and I pray heaven 
your innocence to keep! 

Memories of My Town
When I recall the days
That saw my childhood of yore
Beside the verdant shore
Of a murmuring lagoon;
When I remember the sighs
Of the breeze that on my brow
Sweet and caressing did blow
With coolness full of delight;

When I look at the lily white
Fills up with air violent
And the stormy element
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