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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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PNS Study Guide
CH. 13
PNS 1 Notes:
From Sensation to perception
• 3 levels of integration of sensation- receptor, circuit, perceptual o What happens with the processing at each level
Sensory Receptors
• Classifications:
o Stimulus-mechanoreceptor, thermoreceptor, chemoreceptor, photoreceptor, nociceptor o Location- exteroceptor, interoceptors, proprioceptors o Complexity- simple, complex

• Adaptation of receptors

PNS 2 Notes (Nerves):
Structure of a nerve
• Endoneurium, perineurium, epineurium
Classification (functional) of nerve
• Sensory (afferent), motor (efferent), mixed (association) Cranial Nerves
• How many pairs?
Spinal Nerves
• How many pairs?
• Where do they arise from?
• Roots-dorsal and ventral
• Rami & plexuses and where they serve
• Labeling: Be able to label a cross section of the Spinal cord (see Quiz PNS 1): ventral, lateral and dorsal horn, dorsal root ganglion, ventral root, central canal Reflexes
• Steps of a reflex arc
• Labeling: Label the 5 steps of an arc from a picture (see Quiz PNS 2)

CH. 15
Vision and The Eye Notes:
Accessory structures- eyelids, eyelashes, conjuctiva, lacrimal apparatus • Be able to describe the path that tears take (know glands that secrete, ducts traveled through and final drainage location) Extrinsic muscles-

• Know there are 6 responsible for moving the eye and maintaining its shape Structure of the eyeball
• Tunic layers-fibrous, vascular, sensory
o Fibrous= sclera, cornea
o Vascular= choroid, ciliary body, iris (includes pupil) o Sensory-pigment layer, photoreceptors (rods & cones) • Neural Pathway
o Be able to describe how sensory info comes in and is integrated into visual cortex • Chambers and Fluids
• Labeling: Be able to label the following on a diagram (See PNS Ws): sclera, cornea, iris, pupil, optic nerve, lens, optic disc,...
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