Philosophy of God and What Is He Like

Topics: God, Atheism, Existence Pages: 3 (692 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Best Explanations Approach – Existence of God is the best explanation for certain effects we see in the universe. I can only prove what I can see, taste, hear – but electrons (we can’t see, taste or hear it); black holes (we can’t see, taste or hear) we just see the effects that we see that the best explanation is that there are electrons and black holes and god.

Defeasible – Possibly could be wrong. Defeater, if true could defeat the argument of God’s existence.

Cumulative Cases Approach – don’t believe any one argument gets us to the fact God exists. You have to combine a number of arguments together to make a strong case.

Minimalistic Argument – what are the minimal concepts that God exists – created universe, morally, personal, intellectual creator of the universe.

Arguments for God’s Existence

Classical Arguments – trace back to middle ages and ancient Greece Ontological, Cosmological, Theological, and Moral
Ontological – controversial (Christians and non-christians) Cosmological – God is the best explanation for the existence of the universe. Everything that exists has a cause. Arguing for the existence for a first cause – which we believe is God. Argument by itself just gets us to a first cause.

Argument from Contingency – the universe is contingent – it is not necessary – does not have to exist, just does. If everything in the universe is contingent, than the universe itself is contingent. Currently Contingent – like a light bulb – bulb is only lit when electricity runs through it – universe is currently contingent so something has to be making it contingent, what’s causing that, infinite regress of current causes.

Temporal Argument – Kolom – anything that begins to exist needs a cause.

Big Bang Model – universe began certain amount of time.
First cause – event causation (one event caused another); Agent Cause – person initiates a new series of causes.

Theology – nestians – has intelligence in it’s design, but...
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