Philippine Constitution

Topics: Supreme Court of the United States, President of the United States, United States Constitution Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Three Branches of Government| Qualifications| TermOf office| Limitations on Their Functions| Executive| President and Vice- President He/ She must be: * A natural- born citizen of the Philippines; * A registered voter; * Able to read and write; * At least forty (40) years of age on the on the day of the election not proclamation or assumption of office) for President; * A resident of the Philippines for at least ten (10) years immediately preceding such election.| President and Vice-President Their term office is six (6) years “which shall begin at noon on the 30th day of June following the day of the election and shall end at noon of the same date six (6) years thereafter. | (Art. VII-Sec. 6) Increase his/her salary or that of the Vice-president during his/her term.(Art. VII-Sec. 13) The President, the Vice-President shall not hold any other office or enjoy any other form of employment during his tenure; directly or indirectly practice any other profession, participate in any business, or be financially interested in any contract with, or in any franchise, or special privilege granted by the Government or any subdivision, agency, or instrumentally thereof, including government-owned or –controlled corporations or their subsidiaries; shall strictly avoid conflict of interest in the conduct of their office; make appointments within the 4th civil degree by consanguinity.(Art. VII-Sec. 15)Make appointments two (2) months prior to the next elections; (Article VII-Sec. 19)Grant clemency in cases of impeachment.(Art .VII-Sec. 21) Ratify foreign treaties.| Legislative| SenateSenator must be: * A natural- born citizen of the Philippines; * At least thirty five (35) years of age on the day of the election (day of the balloting); * Able to read and write; * A registered voter; * A resident of the Philippines for not less than two (2) years immediately preceding the day of the...
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