Three Branches of Government

Topics: United States Constitution, Separation of powers, President of the United States Pages: 4 (1269 words) Published: May 28, 2013
In the United States there are three branches of government which includes: the executive, legislative and judicial. All three branches have a distinct and critical function in the role of the government. They were created in Articles 1 legislative, 2 executive and 3 judicial of the United States Constitution ( Trethan, 2012). The executive branch is headed by the President, and he makes laws official. It is the duty of the President to run the federal government; also the executive power is his responsibility. It is his job is to enforce, execute, and administer the laws and government. Elections occur every four years in the United States; and at that time everyone who is of age and registered to vote can voice their opinion on who they think is qualified to be President. It is at this time that the President is elected. The candidate can serve two four year terms if elected. The President of the United States approves and carries out the laws that have been passed by the legislative branch (Truman Library, 2011). The Vice President also falls under the executive branch as well as the cabinet members. They are made up of 15 major departments which includes: Justice, Interior, Transportation, Health and Human Services, State, Labor, Agriculture, Energy, Veteran Affairs, Treasury, Housing and Urban Development, Commerce, Education, (Erickson, 2011). The President receives advice from the cabinet about important issues. The legislative branch makes the laws, and is known as Congress. This branch has an important duty to make laws, and declare what acts are crimes. Congress is separated into two parts the Senate and the House of Representative. The Senate has 100 senators; two representatives are chosen from each state. The senators are elected by their state, and serve a six year term (Kelly, 2011). The judicial branch power is vested in the court system. The judicial branch gives details of what the Constitution is and the laws that was passed by Congress. The...
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