Personal Wellness Project

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  • Published : October 8, 2012
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PH 100
Personal Wellness Project
Due November 19, 2012
Mid-term Journal Review due on October 8, 2012

Name: ____________________________

Each student will be required to conduct a personal wellness project throughout the semester based on the results of his/her initial Comprehensive Health Assessment, which is found on pages 21-32 of the textbook.

Format of the Project:

1. Introduction

Provide an introduction discussing the results of your questionnaire and why you chose this particular area for your personal health improvement.

2. Goal

Provide your specific behavior change goal (or goals) statement. This is a broad statement that includes who and what. For example, I would attain a healthy weight.

3. Objective

Prepare a list of measurable objectives that would indicate achievements of the goals. The objectives must be reasonable and achievable within the given time frame. It must include what, when, how much change, and who.


+ + + + = +=

I would lose 1 pound a week.

Introduction, Goal, Objectives and Week 1-6 journals are due for review October 8.

4. Journal

This is your journal where you can keep a record of your achievements. Please include at least one paragraph per week documenting your actions and progress.

Week1/August 27

Week 2/September 3

Week 3/September 10

Week 4/September 17

Week 5/September 24

Week 6/ October 1

Journal entries from Week 1 to 6 are due October 8 for review to make sure your project stays on track.

Week 7/October 8

Week 8/October 15

Week 9/October 22

Week 10/ October 29

Week 11/November 5

Week 12/November 12

5. Summary/Conclusion

Prepare a summary of the results of your project relative to your goals and...