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I was born and raised by Parents that were not opportune to go through a formal Education of whatsoever. They vow to themselves (an unspoken vow) that I (Jibril) or any of my siblings will never pass through the same route as theirs, they sent me to the best school in Northern Nigeria ( Elkanemi College of Islamic Theology).My late mother instill the belief and the discipline in me that if a lady or a girl can make it in a classroom, she see no reason why I cannot make it. My father reminded me that he will spend his last penny as a business man to send me to the best school on the land and carter for all my moral, financial, parental and academic needs so long as I promise that I can make it to the top echelon level of academic ladder in the country. I DID JUST THAT, and my Quest and aspiration is to specialize in my God chosen career and field of study in a country where I will be given the opportunity to show what I can do. In Nigeria I saw people spending six to seven years on M sc program. Elkanemi College of Islamic theology is a Natural Science school, after my graduation from the college in 2003,I applied to study pharmacy as my first choice, it is difficult to get admission into most of the Nigerian Universities because of corruption and nepotism, you have to know a politician or a prominent academician that is ready to help you out in getting admission. My father is a business man and he knows no body in the academia or political circle, he was very frustrated but he told me never to give up, he asked me to cram a dictionary I said Ok, I took my precious time to read over three hundred and fifty English novels, with eighty of them or so by James Hadley Chase(Raymond Brabazon Rene), I re applied in 2004 but to no avail, in the 2005/2006 academic session I was lucky enough to have a politician who happens to be the former provost of Sir Kashim College of Education Maiduguri (Alhaji Maina Mahmud Mafa). On February 2006 I got admission...
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