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Topics: Philippines, Waltz, Social dance Pages: 3 (618 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Performance Task # 2-
Answer the following: (answers shall be based on the assignment Video: Sayaw)

Key point: the Spaniards came to the Philippines in the 16th century. They found out that dance and music were woven and is part of the Filipinos everyday life.

Q. Where is it intertwined?
1. Courtship 2. Love 3. Politics
4.____________________ 5_____________________ 6._________________________ 7.______________________

Key point: the Spaniards employ dances and music to introduce religion to Filipinos. Dance has become religious activity for feasts of saints and for praising. They introduce secular dances from Europe. The Filipinos assimilated it and it evolves in the Filipino culture. List down the European Dances introduced by the Spaniards in the Philippines. And the Filipino adaptation of the dances Follow the cue given.

8. La Jota- a social dance for special occasion for the Spaniards. Usually accompanied with string instruments. 9. La Jota Montaveña - the Filipino version characterized by fast and lively movement wherein waltz is a common step it is from the province of Tarlac. 10.La Jota Manileña- it is a version which is done in honor of the old city of Manila. 11. Valse/Waltz - a dance originally from Southern Germany introduced to the Philippines on the 19th century. It was also assimilated by the Filipinos and incorporated it to their own version. 12. Balitaw - a courtship dance from the Visayas

13. Cariñosa - a courtship dance with characteristic use of fan and handkerchief. 14. Fandango - dance for special occasion such as wedding
15. Pandang Pandang - a version from Antique wherein a gecko went up the grooms trouser so he Stamped to remove the lizard without the crowds knowledge institutionalizing the Stamping movement as part of the dance. 16. Fandango Sambalilo - a dance...
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