The Age of Discovery - Impact on Philippine Culture and Society

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The Age of Discovery: Impact on Philippine Culture and Society SECOND EDITION

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This publication is part ofa project that was funded by the Hawaii Committee for the Humanities and the State Commission on the Columbian Quincentennial Observance. The project was sponsored by the Center for Philippine Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa and co-sponsored by the Filipino Historical Society of Hawaii.

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CENTER FOR PHILIPPINE STUDlES School of Asian, Hawaiian and Pacific Studies University of Hawaii at Manoa Printed by: Hawaii Correctional Industries

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The Center for Philippine Studies was originally established as a Program in 1975 to offer an interdisciplinary academic cwriculum on Philippine Studies, promote scholarly research and professional interest in the Philippines and Filipinos overseas, provide infonnation and educational resources to groups, individuals, and institutions interested in the Philippines or Filipinos, maintain a comprehensive hbrary collection of Philippine material, and reccgnize the contributions ofFilipinos to the State of Hawaii. It is the only academic center in the US offering graduate and undergraduate courses on the Philippines including four levels of Filipino and llokano. Students may pursue BA and MA degrees with concentration in Philippine Studies. The Center is part of the School of Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific Studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. For more information about the Center, contact: Dr. Belinda A. Aquino. DireclOr, Center for Philippine Studies, Moore 415, University ofHawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822, USA. Ph: (808)956-2686- Fax: (808) 956-2682.




1 2

Foreword to the Second Edition
Willa J. Tanabe

Rethinldng Magellan and Rediscovering the Philippines
Belinda A Aquino

6 10 13

A Brief Philippine Prehistory
Wilhelm G. Solheim II

The Philippines Before 1521 A.D.
Robert Van Niel

Rizal's Sisa and Basilio: Characters as Symbols of National Identity Ruth Elynia S. Mabanglo

17 25

Philippine Music as Colonial Experience and National Culture Ricardo D. Trimillos

Discoverers, Discoveries, Discovering Ourselves: Language in the Encounter Between Discoverer and DiScovered MichaelL.Forman


The Filipino Plantation Community in Hawaii: Experiences of a Second-Generation Filipina Helen R Nagtalon-Miller


Philippine Chronology Up To 1946
Dean T. Alegado

A Bibliography on the Philippines: Pre-Hispanic to 19th Century AliceW. Mak Shiro Saito


Notes on Contributors Acknowledgments Schedule of Events


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The Age ofDiscovery: Impact on Philippine Culture and Society SECOND EDITION

The print on the cover is reproduced from the The Philippines-PigajeltiJ'SSloryoflheirDiscoverybyMagellan byRodrigueLevesquepublished in Gatineau. Quebec. Canada in 1980. Itsbows anartist'srenderingofthe death ofFerdinand Magellan on the island ofMactan in Cebu. Philippines during a battle with native chief Lapu-Iapu and his men. According to Levesque. Pigafetta's account descn1les the balI1e as taking place on 21 April 152I. Magellan had ordered the burning of the native villagers' houses to scare them. Instead. they attacked the Spanish invaders furiously with spears and stones. "They followed us shooting their poisoned arrows four or five times. somuch sothattbey.recognizingthecaptain (Magellan). aimed at him so much that twice they shot arrows right by his head." Magellan was wounded in the arm. Seeing this. the villagers "threw themselves all upon him. and one with along javelin gave him a blow in the left leg. thereupon he fell face fOlWard, now all ofa sudden, they threw themselves upon him. with theirhardened spears. and with thesejavelins ... they slew the mirror. the light, the comfort, and our true guide." (p.62)

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