Pdhpe Core 1 Study Notes

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PE Better Health For Individuals- Core 1 Chapter 1

The Concept of Health:
very diverse- has a different meaning to everyone. The diversity can be recognized by considering the different meaning of health that has developed over time

World Health Organisation (WHO) definition of Health:
A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

|PHYSICAL: | SPIRITUAL |EMOTIONAL |SOCIAL | |wellness of the body and the absence|a sense of purpose and meaning in |state of well-being, where we can |ability to interact with other | |of chronic pain or discomfort. |our life, and to feel connected with|realize our abilities. EG: coping |people in an interdependent and | | |society. |with stress |co-operative way. | |- bodily functions |- purpose |- feelings |- communication skills | |- nutritional status |- meaning |- adaptation |- interpersonal relationships | |- fitness |- connectedness |- decision making |- | |- resistance to disease |- |- |- |

Interactions between dimensions of health:
|physical and emotional |emotional and spiritual |spiritual and social |social and physical |

RELATIVE AND DYNAMIC NATURE OF HEALTH: represented in a health continuum |Poor health |Less than satisfactory |Satisfactory |Good |Excellent health |

Relative Nature: how we judge our health compared to other people or other points of time in our life. EG:
|People with a disability may describe themselves as healthy, especially on days when their disabilities seem less severe than usual. |

Dynamic Nature: constant changes that happen occur in our level of health. EG:
|Illness |Accidents |Personal experiences |Environmental Factors |

Judgments about your current state of health vary, as the meaning we give health is likely to be based on: - what we learn about health
- our experiences; and
- the people we know
and are reflected in our behaviours and interpretation that others have.

To determine a person's state of health, you look at their:
|social |mental |spiritual |

the way something is seen or viewed by an individual or group. The are influenced by a range of factors, including: 1. personal interpretation of health
2. environment
3. beliefs to achieve good health
4. values placed on being healthy
5. attitudes about health conveyed by family/peers/media
6. past level of health
7. our behaviours and lifestyles

Different ways we see, interpret and judge the state of health of others include: - living conditions
- fitness levels; and
- health behaviours of groups.

Perceptions vary constantly in our lives. As we age, our definition of health changes to reflect our changing experiences, expectations and beliefs about what good health looks and feels like. |Childhood (birth – 11 yrs) |Take health for granted | |Early Adolescence (12-16 yrs)...
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