Six Dimensions of Health

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  • Published : September 24, 2010
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Six Dimensions of Health
Daniel Smith
Sci/ 100
July 10, 2010
Tara Campbell

Six Dimensions of Health2

The challenges of balancing work, school, and a social life can sometimes seem like a major task. However, in spite of these challenges the six dimensions of health are the keys to living a quality and prosperous life. My objective is to identify three of the six dimensions of health, and explain why they're my strongest. Next, choose one of the remaining six dimensions of health and explain why it needs improvement. In addition, I will discuss how I will make changes to improve that health dimension in the future. Finally, I will discuss what I want to learn in this course to help me lead a healthy lifestyle. Emotional Wellness

The first dimension I'm going to discuss which one of my strongest dimensions of wellness is is emotional wellness. I believe that I'm emotionally well because I have discovered how to think positive. According to a book called "Understanding your Health, it suggests "The emotional dimension of health encompasses our ability to see the world in a realistic manner, cope with stress, remain flexible, and uncompromised to resolve conflict." People who have positive mind-sets tend to be more successful. Some of the techniques that I used to become emotionally well includes: reading self-improvement and inspirational books, setting goals, and learning how to deal with setbacks, and acquiring characteristics such as optimism, enthusiasm, and positive thinking. In addition, I've learned to replace negative thoughts, with positive thoughts, as well as obtain mentors that have a positive outlook on life. Sometimes the people whom you surround yourself by can have a negative effect on your emotional wellness. For example, just as the phrase says "You are what you eat" similarly, "You are a product of the friends you are associated with." My emotional wellness is greatly...
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