Pathophysiology Tests

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Topic 1: Subject, tasks and methods of pathophysiology.
General nosology, etiology and pathogenesis.

1. A 49-year-old man was suffering 12 years ago from rheumatic myocarditis, endocarditis, and insufficiency of mitral valve. Examinations showed the absence of inflammatory process, sufficient minute blood volume. What is it? A. Pathological reaction

B. Pathological process
C. Typical pathological process
D. Compensatory reaction
E. Pathological condition

2. The 12-year-old boy took part in sport events in light athletic. Weakness, headache, loss of appetite, and rise in temperature to 37,8oC appeared in him on the next day. What period of disease is it? A. Final period of disease

B. Period of manifestation
C. Contact period
D. Latent period
E. Prodromal period

3. Pain in a left half of the chest and dyspnea appear in a patient during walking. This pain increases during respiration. The attack of the pain was stopped by using narcotics. At examination of the patient following data were revealed: severe condition, respiratory rate is 28 per min., respiration is shallow and is dull in left axillary region. Blood pressure is 140/80 mmHg. Patient has sputum with blood. This patient has varicose dilation of veins. In purpose to correct main pathogenetic link it is necessary to use: A. Antibiotics

B. Anticoagulants
C. Antihistamin preparations
D. Spasmolytics
E. Coronarilytics.

4. A 39-years-old patient has been suffering from gastric ulcer for last 4 years. Pain in epigastric region, heartburn, nausea, and constipation appear mainly in autumn and spring. Name this condition. A. Remission

B. Acute period
C. Complication
D. Pathologic condition
E. Relapse
5. Gasping respiration appears in a patient with severe lung pathology. What terminal condition is this characteristic for? A. Agony
B. Pre-agony
C. Clinical death
D. Biological death
E. Terminal pause
6. A 10-yeaes-old child endured several rheumatic attacks. At examination of him it was established that he had inflammatory process in his joints and signs of mitral valve insufficiency. What pathological appearance in this patient may be attributed to “disease”? A. Mitral valve disease

B. Mitral valve insufficiency
C. Rheumatism
D. Inflammation of joints
E. Arthritis

7. Which scientist emphasized senescence of connective tissue cells cytoplasm?
A. Bogomolets
B. Mechnikov
C. Dilman
D. Frolkis
E. Berdichev

8. A 12-year-old boy starts complaining on the headache, nausea, rigor, periodic myalgia, loss of appetite, tiresome. Which period of disease characterizes by such symptoms? A. Prodromal period

B. Latent period
C. Period of contact
D. Period of manifestation
E. Final period

9. A 28-year-old patient with symptoms of acute appendicitis was admitted to the surgical department. Acute pains in his right epigastric area and near the umbilicus were registered during palpation on examination. Schetkin-Blumberg symptom was positive. Which period of disease was observed in that patient? A. Period of manifestation

B. Latent period
C. Prodromal period
D. Final period
E. Period of functional disorder

10. Increase in pulse rate, respiratory rate, and increase of BP were noticed on a height of 1000 m above the sea in a 25-year-old woman, coming for holyday at mountainous resort. In some time all those symptoms disappeared. Which process was noticed in a woman? A. Adaptation

B. Compensation
C. Decompensation
D. Stress
E. Parabiosis

11. In a 50-year-old man, who was treated for gastric ulcer, digestion normalized, pains disappeared, and mood is getting better. But in few weeks pains in epigastrium, heartburn, and acid eructation...
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