Parts of an Animal Cell

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Rough ER

Smooth ER

Golgi Apparatus






Cell Membrane


Nuclear Envelope

Nuclear Pore



Microtubules- Is a component of the cytoskeleton.

Centriole- Aids in cell division and it’s only in animal cells.

Lysosomes- Clean-up organelle it digests and breaks down lipids, carbs, and proteins.

Nuclear Pore- Dots on the envelope which allows material in the and out of the nucleus.

Cell Membrane- It surrounds the cell and regulates what enters and leaves the cell. It is selectively permeable which means only certain materials can cross the membrane.

Nuclear Envelope- It surrounds the nucleus.

Rough ER- Is involved in some protein production, protein folding, quality control, and despatch. It’s called Rough ER because it’s studded with ribosomes.

Smooth ER- Is associated with the production and metabolism of fats. It is smooth because it is not studded with ribosomes and is associated with smooth, slippery fats.

Mitochondria- Converts the chemical energy stored in food into compounds that are more convenient for the cell to use.

Vacuole- Storage organelle-sac like structures, it stores water, salts, carbs, and proteins.

Nucleus- Contains all of the cells DNA and the instructions for making protein and other important molecules.

Cytoplasm- Protein of the cell outside the the nucleus.

Golgi Apparatus- It modifies, sorts, and packages proteins and other materials from the ER for storage in the cell or secretion outside the cell.

Ribosome- Where proteins are assembled in the cell. (made of RNA)

Nucelous- A small, dense region in the nuceli.
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