Palm Hospital Notes

Topics: Depreciation, Surgery, Anesthesia Pages: 3 (1045 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Palms Hospital (Traditional Project Analysis)

Palms Hospital
* 250 bed capacity; investor owned; Islamorada, Florida
* Founded in 1946 by Rob Winslow, went back in 1967 after the war * High economic growth, population expansion
* Acknowledged to be one of the leading healthcare providers in the area * Currently evaluating a proposed ambulatory (outpatient) surgery centre * More than 80% o all outpatient surgery is performed by specialists * Minor procedures take about one hour or less, major procedures take two or more hours * About 60 percent of the procedures are performed under general anesthesia, 30 percent under local anesthesia, 10 percent under regional or spinal anesthesia * Operating rooms built in pairs for prep and surgery efficiency * Outpatient surgery market has experienced significant growth since the first ambulatory centre opened in 1970; 1990 – 2.5 million surgeries, 2009 – more than 20 million surgeries * Growth was fueled by three factors: rapid advancements in technology made it possible for inpatient surgeries to be performed as outpatient surgeries,; Medicare has been aggressive in approving new minimally invasive surgery techniques, meaning number of Medicare patients who use outpatient surgery services has grown substantially; patients prefer outpatient surgeries for convenience, and third party payers prefer them for less cost * Inpatient surgery numbers have been flat due to these factors over the last 20 years; outpatient procedures grow at 10% annually * No other outpatient surgery centre exists in Palms Hospital’s immediate environment, but rumors about physician owned facilities are surfacing * Palms Hospital owns a land adjacent to the facility that would be a perfect location for the new ambulatory surgery centre; the land was bought for $150,000, spent $25,000 to clear the land (also expensed for tax purposes) to put sewer and utility lines. If sold today, the land will ring in...
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