Ottawa Charter

Topics: Health care, Public health, Health Pages: 7 (2301 words) Published: August 27, 2012
How the Ottawa Charter is evident in Health Promotion Strategies

Strategy| Build healthy public policy| Create supportive environments| Strengthen community action| Develop personal skills| Reorients health service| QUIT| laws relating to smoking in public places, tobacco advertising, the display of cigarettes in retail outlets, tobacco packaging and tobacco taxes.| Providing personalised counselling for those wanting to stop smoking - Quitline, a telephone service that people can ring to receive advice and support when quitting smoking. | Assisting health professionals, community groups and various population groups to develop anti-smoking strategiesProvides specialist training for health professionals and funding for community and population groups to aid with decreasing smoking prevalence. E.g. Quit funds the Aboriginal Tobacco Control Coordinator position. Allows communities to get together to make other members aware of smoking.| Provides information in relation to the risk associated with smoking and the benefits associated with not smoking. Through this, people are educated about the risks and why to quit.Helps people develop skills and strategies to actually quit smoking, such as inhibiting their cravings.| Invests money into smoking prevention research. This is effective as the research then provides the best ways to reduce the amount of people starting to smoke and therefore reduce prevalence of illnesses associated with smoking such as cardiovascular disease and various types of cancers. | SunSmart| SunSmart has developed a range of public health policies that can be adapted to individual child care centres, kindergartens, schools and workplaces. The “no hat no play policy”. Therefore students are less likely to be sunburnt, reducing skin cancer risk.| Improving environmental protection strategies, such as shade audits, options for built and natural shade and promoting the SunSmart UV AlertProvide buildings and areas with adequate shade areas to limit exposure to UV rays.| Assisting various groups to reduce UV exposure among their members.| Slip! Slop! Slap! Seek! Slide! advertising campaign. | Providing support for community health workers, general practitioners and local governments in promoting awareness of UV exposure. | Breast cancer awareness campaign| N/A| Breastscreen Australia provides emotional support and counseling, which assists in people making their choices and taking into account their concerns in regards to breast cancer or the mammograms provided. | Mother’s Day Classic fun run| Breastscreen Australia provides easily written understood information, therefore increased knowledge, skills and awareness in regards to breast cancer and the process of mammograms. Women will be actively involved in decisions about their management, particularly in regards to further assessment and treatment. | This program provides free mammograms to females aged between 50-69. It has been shown to reduce up to 30% of breast cancer deaths in women between the ages of 50-69.| Swap it don’t stop it| N/A| Providing an iPhone app that users can download so they always have access to ideas for swapping both foods and activities. | | AdvertisesWeight loss ideas through a range of media including television, print, radio, billboards and online. Provides access to a range of resources and information for those wanting to lose weight and improve their health.| Decreasing rates of obesity will reorient health services as individuals will learn skills that will help them prevent obesity and its associated conditions from occurring.| Healthy spaces and places| | Promoting the development of public recreation facilities that cater for as many members of the community as possible. This includes the provision of walking tracks, parks and bicycle paths. | By having a...
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