Organized Crime Exam 2 Study Guide

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Exam Review

3/28/13 10:32 AM

Rockefeller and Standard Oil (2)
Proliferation of organized crime caused by:
• Collapse of Soviet Union
• Explosion of global markets
Primary businesses
• Drugs
• Arms
• Human Trafficking – 3rd largest growing criminal industry o Article Handed out – On Test
o 2 Components
 Labor
 Sex Trafficking
o 1/3 of human trafficking resources come from craigslist
Globalization and nexus of terrorism, differences from org crime • Terrorism is inherently an organization that destroys politics, organized crime nurtures and infiltrates politics. Terr subvert government, org crime wants to maintain and run a parallel organiztion

Where organized crime groups thrive
• Tri-border coiuntries – ability to cross, human trafficking, etc. Al Queda
• Using La Comorra to forge documents
3 different types of traditional organized crime
• Sicilian
• La Comorra from Sp prisons
• L’Ndranga? Popular in Australia and Canada, origin in slums of Collabria, Italy 4 types

of terrorism
Criminal – profit, psychological gain
Ideological terrorism – effort to change political power. Mubarak in Egypt Nationalistic terrorism – terr activity that supports the interest of an ethnic or ____ group EX Afghanistan
• State sponsored terrorism – state threaten to use violence internationally, N KOREA
Theories behind org crime
• Anomie – normlessness by Angle Durkheim. Robert Murton picked up on that theory. Break down his concept into GOALS and MEANS. 5 Categories of ppl o Conformity

o Innovation
o Ritualism
o Retreatism
o Rebellion
Edwin Sutherland Theory of_____
• Close, intimate personal groups teach you mechanics and justification for criminal behavior
Shawn McCay
• Concentric circles, Zone 2 the Zone of transition, where most crim activity is identified
Theory of Olin – theory of relative deprivation and differential opportunity • 3 categories
o Retreat
o Conflict
o Criminal
Ethnic succession concept...
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