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IS 739 Information Systems in Organizational Design and Applied Systems Thinking


Focus on foundations of Information Systems Management covering the essential concepts in Information Technology Management like planning, organizing, leading and controlling with strong practical orientation. A systemic approach to organizational structures considering information hierarchy around modern day constraints. Analysis and design of information systems as meshed with organizational design. Basic information concepts, data processing technology and its applications. Information Systems development methodology in terms of systems analysis, design and implementation.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sevgi Özkan Phone: 2107711 email:


Nurcan Alkış Phone: 2017722 email:


This course targets graduate students in the Informatics Institute and, as well as Engineering (especially Industrial and Computer Engineering Departments), Library and Information Science, Communications, Education, and the Business Administration Departments. The course itself provides introductory and exploratory information on organizational design and on how information systems can facilitate the design of an organization by making use of applied systems thinking approach. There is no explicit prerequisite for this course. However the following courses may be useful: IS501 Introduction to Information Systems.


This course distinguishes itself from a complementary undergraduate course on systems thinking, IE 398 Systems Thinking, which has been delivered at the Department of Industrial Engineering. This course particularly focuses on systems thinking as a mode of inquiry by looking into its historical and methodological account. This course (IE 398) also aims to contrast and clarify the systems position vis-à-vis science trying to explore the relation between systems thinking and operational research. However, this proposed course will not consider the theoretical aspects but focus onto applied issues of systems thinking and organisational design.

The other overlapping course within METU is the EM503 Systems and Organisation course. This course has a similar content however it focuses on the organisation as a whole rather than positioning information systems at the forefront. Besides, EM503 course is a course of the Engineering Management program which is a second education program.

This course will be the first offered at METU focusing on information systems in organizational design through applied systems thinking approach.


This course is essential in the Department of Information Systems since it constitutes an important part in addition to the department’s core course Introduction to Information Systems, which is an introductory level course. The course aims to familiarize the students with the core concepts of information technology management (i.e. planning, organizing, leading and controlling) through a systemic perspective where organizational design issues are introduced.

The course will also be useful for students from other departments like Industrial Engineering and Business Administration for those who would like to enhance their learning further in regards to information systems.

In addition, it is important for the Information Systems Department to give a thorough understanding of an information technology organization to its students. In that, this course plays a very important role by filling in the gap by offering a comprehensive integrated model for a good organizational design considering the concepts of strategy, structure, process & people and coordination & control.


The objectives of this course are as follows:...
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