Peter Senge Video Intervuews

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Peter Senge: Video Interviews

Speaking specifically about management in his video interviews Senge believes that we don’t understand how we depend on other people all over the world, that we don’t "understand the nature of interdependance" (1). He also states that we don't understand the extent to which our choices influence other people. E.g. charging a phone can cause diminishing of fossil fuels/climate change. Our decisions although they may have a positive effect in the immediate short term, will be detrimental in the long-term, e.g. the burning of fossil fuels. Senge says in the the interview that systems thinking "is seeing the world as a web of interdependence…. and its continuing evolving nature"(1). He believes that in a way systems thinking has a link to modern science in its theory. He says that managers will try to accomplish both "meeting targets and trying to grow the capability of their organisation"(1). He says that effective managers are always trying to develop the latter. Systems thinking is not just about the decision but also "about whether the decision leads to action, that produces the result"(1). During his work on The Necessary Revolution he says that he determined that "the proportion of people who were the most effective leaders were actually women"(1). He believes that there is a big difference between the way men and women approach leadership and that further research on this area is needed.

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