Organizational Behavior and Design: Values in Pakistan

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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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Organizational behavior and Design Assignment no. 1
Values in Pakistan

Submitted to: Ma’am Zunaira Saqib Submitted by: Anum Malik & Ayoosha Saleem

MBA 2K12-B


This research is conducted on the basis of Hofstede Value Dimension and helps to get an overview of the cultural values that exist in Pakistan. Power Distance: Our research conclusion highlights the fact that our society is a high power distance society in general. Power is concentrated in the hands of fathers, brothers or male guardians who take decisions authoritatively, without taking the consent of other family members. Almost every decision like household purchasing, finance, investment, education, employment and marital arrangements is generally made by them while, other members of the house show respect and accept this unequal distribution of power. Evidence: One of our respondents quoted that the degree which she is pursuing “MS Economics” was actually decided by her father. She acknowledged that she was never interested to take Economics as her career path but even by going to the extent of hunger strike, she ultimately respected her father’s decision. On the other hand, another respondent told us that in his village (Jhang) decisions are taken by the head of Panchaet and everybody respect those decisions. Uncertainty Avoidance: According to our research findings we have concluded that Pakistani society has low uncertainty avoidance. We came up to this conclusion, as we find out that people don’t really feel anxious when in uncertain or unknown situations. Answering to one of our questions relating to the events of bomb blast, most of the respondents said that they have become so habitual to it, that their daily routine doesn’t really get affected by any of these situations. Evidence: One of our respondents belonging to Quetta quoted to us that once she experienced a bomb blast near her home. Due to the blast, glass windows shattered and her servant suffered...
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