Organisation Behaviour

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This assignment is about organisation behaviour where different aspects of the organisation behaviour such as structure, culture, motivation, leadership etc. will be discussed. Tesco, Ireland has been chosen to be discussed for this assignment Brief of Tesco Ireland:

Tesco entered Ireland in 1997 with the acquisition of Associated British Foods and its subsidiaries. The business has grown to become the leading grocery retailer in country with 139 stores. Tesco Ireland is a major contributor to the Irish economy with their annual contribution valued at €2.7bn. This includes €705.8m a year of exports to the Tesco Group, including shops in the UK, Central Europe and Asia. Irish exports to the worldwide Tesco Group represents 9% of the total value of Irish food and drink exported in 2010. Task 1

According to Mullins (2005), there are different types of organisation structures such as functional structure, divisional structure, matrix structure, mechanistic and organic structure. Only three structures have been discussed below. Functional structure - A design that groups people together on the basis of their common expertise and experience or because they use the same resources. Division Structure - The divisional structure groups each organisational function into a division. Each division contains all the necessary resources and functions within it. Matrix Structure - An organisation which has people in teams created from various sections of the business. These teams are created for the purposes of a specific project and are led by a project manager. On most occasions the team will only exist for the duration of the project and matrix structures are usually deployed to develop new products and services. The functional structure is centralised with efficient management control systems. Such organisations are medium sized and have a limited range of related products and services. This structure provides opportunity to become more...
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