One Click Shopping

Topics:, Online shopping, Electronic commerce Pages: 4 (1256 words) Published: April 15, 2013
1-Click: A New Generation of Online Shopping Processes

Wenting Song
Chao Zhao
Zhuogang Li
Ziming Ma
Le Yu
University of La Verne

December 11, 2012
BUS 510
Nazila Safavi, Ph.D.

The paper explores the advantages and disadvantages of the 1-click system, and improve it . The new shopping process of 1-click is very popular in the world, and brings more convenience and benefits to people today. However, there are also has some disadvantages, such as wrong clicking easily, and limit the types of purchase, some software limitations. This paper also discusses how to make 1-click system competitive and useful, and gives some suggestions and do some research in order to improve it in the future. Keywords: 1-click, advantages and disadvantages, improvement

1-Click: A New Generation of Online Shopping Processes
With the development of information technology, there are a large number of people enjoying online shopping. In the research, American spending increased to $21.4 billion in shopping season (Wei, 2012). At the same time, the online shopping is revolutionized with one-click, which is a more convenient online shopping system. Now the 1-click becomes commonplace on the online retails, such as Amazon. Amazon Company filed patent of 1-click system, and developed it. The technology brings more convenience to customers to shopping on the Internet and makes Amazon company more competitive than others online retails. Therefore, the objectives of paper is to explore and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the 1-click system, and improve it in the future. What is the 1-Click System

1-Click is the technique of allowing customers to purchase items online with a single click. It is a new generation of online shopping processes. More uniquely, it allows consumers using marketplace to make online purchases without using the shopping cart software. “In September 1999, The United States Patent and...
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