Objectives in Employee Relations

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Training and Development
The human resources department help organizations meet training and development objectives. It helps determine the training needs of the company and creates and conducts training programs for employees. HR staff members organize training manuals and determine the most appropriate method of delivering training to meet the needs of the organization. Department training specialists consult with managers and employee supervisors to assess performance improvement needs and to organize developmental programs for new and existing employees. Recruitment

The human resources department helps organizations meet recruiting objectives. The department screens potential candidates and makes hiring decisions to fill open positions. It also attracts candidates through a variety of recruitment efforts such as job fairs and online job boards. Recruitment staff often visit college campuses to attract students and new graduates into the organization. Staff members interview candidates and issue pre-employment assessments. Human resources specialists also train new hires and distribute company policies and procedures to new employees. Employee Relations

Human resources staff members form labor policies and interpret state and federal employment and labor laws. The department ensures the company complies with regulations regarding equal opportunity employment and fair labor standards. The department's staff members help workers understand their rights while also protecting employer interests. HR staff members also handle employee relations objectives such as settling disputes between employees and managers. They ensure that employees receive appropriate accommodation for disabilities as well as assistance with medical-related leave time. Benefits

The human resources department oversees benefit and employee assistance programs. It implements programs to help employees balance work and home life. Compensation and benefits specialists help workers select...
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