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Exam 4 Study Guide
This is a Study Guide. It is not comprehensive. The purpose of this guide is to highlight some of the key points covered in Chapters 10, 11, and 12. Be sure to study all of your lecture notes, chapter assignments, and textbook.

Chapter 10-Nutrition, Fitness, and Physical Activity (~15-17 questions)

Understand the importance of physical activity in disease prevention Helps prevent disease even though your family history may carry certain disease with excerise you can help prevent it from taking over you.

Know the ASCM recommendations for physical activity to improve health 150 minutes per week

Know the ASCM recommendations to benefit from strength training 2 to 3 times a week different exercise

Understand the relationship between intensity and energy sources

Differentiate the terms aerobic and anaerobic exercise

Where within the cell does anaerobic metabolism take place? Aerobic?

What is the aerobic training zone?

Relate nutrient intake with performance and composition outcomes

Know how to read the label for a sports drink and what the important considerations are for which ones an athlete should consume.

What is carbohydrate loading and supercompensation?

What is an ergogenic aid? A substance an appliance or a procedure that improves athletic performance many vitamins and minerals and other substances in these supplements are involved in providing engery for excersize or promoting recovery from excerize

What is meant by moderate intensity?
Needed for the best heath benefitsnoticely increase heart breathing rate 50 to 70% of maximum heart beat bikeing riding jogging swimming Understand the role of exercise in weight management, both for weight gain and weight loss.

Understand dietary needs for muscle growth and strength gains.

Chapter 11 – Pregnancy and Infancy (~15-17 questions)

Identify rates of infant mortality in U.S. as compared to other countries. Even though we are technology advance country we have a higher mortality rate then other countries

Define the terms, “healthy pregnancy” in terms of diet. Meeting the needs of fluid, electrolyte, vitamin and mineral needs( calcium, vitamin d, folate, vitamie b 12,iron, zinc)

Identify the typically length of a pregnancy. Typical length is 36 weeks

Discuss the importance of adequate nutrition before, during and after pregnancy and relate that to potential adverse health outcomes.

Identify health consequences of low birth weight infants and relate that to nutritional behaviors.Infants are at increased risk for illness and early death.

Discuss the importance of some weight gain during pregnancy.the blood volumes increase 50% the placenta develops in order to allow nutrients to be delivered to fetus and produce hormones that orchestrate other changes in the mothers body the amount of fat increase to provide engery needed late in pregenacy the uterus enlarges mucles and ligaments relax to accomlate the growing fetus and allow for childbirth and brest develpp in prpepartpartion for lacation

Identify important vitamins and minerals as they relate to neural tube defects (NTDs). Folate is needed for the synthesis of DNA and hence cell division is critical because rapid cell division occurs in first few weeks of prego. Low foalte increase the risk of abnormailites in the formation of neutral tube which forms the bays brains and spinal coed vitamin b 12 is essential for the regenartion of active forms of folate.

Understand the concepts of gestational diabetes how it relates to infant/maternal health. A condition chatercerzed by high blood glucose levels that develop during pregnancy, usally resolves after birth but the mother has 20 to 50 increase chance. b/c glucouse in the mothers blood passes freely across the placenta when th enothers blood gluclse levels are high the growing fetus receives extra glucose and hence extra calories

Differentiate between the health...
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