Nsd 225 Study Guide

Topics: Obstetrics, Iron, Milk Pages: 7 (2522 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Review for test #3

1. Calcium is not well absorbedless that 30%
2. A major mineral means you need more of it.
3. The six major minerals are calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and chlorine. The rest are trace minerals, which are not less important, but you just need them in less amounts. 4. Minerals are 0 calories.

5. The best source of iron is beef, liver, or meat.
6. The best source of zinc is beef, liver, or meat.
7. Vitamin C will help you absorb iron twice as much (double the absorption). 8. Sea salt, they say, contains iodide, but it is silly to pay more and get nothing extra for it. Sea salt is not better than table saltiodine leaves as a gas (sublimes from solid to gas form). 9. We need iodide to make thyroid hormone, which is important because it influences our overall metabolism. Also, if you don’t have enough iron, you will be fatigued, and children that are deficient won’t grow. Finally, you need it to prevent goiter, an enlargement of the thyroid (around the Great Lakes and west = the goiter belts). 10. The major function of zinc: for many enzymes systems to work, for sexual maturation and growth, for wound healing, for protein metabolism and immune system. 11. Fluoride deficiency will result in dental caries (holes in teeth). 12. There is 500 mg of calcium carbonate in Tums, but since calcium carbonate is only composed of 40% calcium, there is 200 mg of pure calcium in Tums. 13. Iron is VERY POORLY absorbed; only 5-10% of iron is absorbed by normal adults. 14. The best source of potassium is potatoes.

15. If you don’t have enough potassium, it may result in cardiac arrest or an irregular heartbeat (death) [also caused by too much]. 16. The major function of magnesium that it is needed as part of bones and part of muscle; also, it is an activator of more than 300 enzymes, and it’s necessary to maintain electrical potential of nerve and muscle and for transmission of never impulses. 17. The major function of chromium is that it acts as a cofactor for insulin, which is needed for maintaining normal glucose metabolism (chromium in humans declines with age). 18. Phosphorus is present in all foods especially milk and milk products and liver and other animal-food protein sources. About half the phosphorus in the USA diet comes from milk, meat, poultry, and fish. 19. The main sodium food source is table salt. Only 10% of salt intake comes from natural content of foods, 15% is from salt added during cooking and at table, and 75% from salt added during processing and manufacturing. 20. To decrease high blood pressure, lose weight. Also, eating salt doesn’t help for high blood pressure. 21. Folate RDA is over twice non-pregnant RDA (for increased blood supply and for growth of baby) so folate supplements are often prescribed. Also, need zinc for growth, B-12 for red blood cells, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium for bones. In addition, iron supplements during pregnancy and after delivery are recommended (baby should have enough to last 3-6 months**); fluoride is needed for teeth to begin in the 5th month of pregnancy. Nutrients to double during pregnancyfolate and probably iron. 22. You can NOT make up nutrients from a skipped breakfast. 23. Teenagers need to snack to get nutrients.

24. Adolescents aren’t well fed because they are too busy, eat out with their friends, skip breakfast, poor choice of snacks, avoid milk because they falsely think it is fattening, fear of becoming fat, use of fad diets especially by girls, and girls don’t get enough milk,. 25. Vegetables should be added first to an infant’s diet (after about 4-6 months). 26. Nutrition advice for anorexia patients included increasing caloric intake slowly (start at 800-1200 kcal), balanced diet, vitamin/mineral supplements, small frequent meals, use liquid supplements if necessary, and reduce caffeine. Also, don’t overload food, and persuade...
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