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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that they should wait one year before transferring to a college university.

Central Idea: College students should take a planned and organized “Gap Year” to gain maturity, experience independence and become certain on their major which will contribute to a successful educational path.


I. Imagine boarding a plane, passport in hand, a backpack stocked with entertainment necessities and a bunch of nerves. A. You’re nervous because you’re eager and determined to graduate college but have decided to take a year off to travel, take advantage of an internship or volunteer opportunity, or join the workforce to experience the possible considerations of a long-term career. II. I would like to persuade everyone to take a one year break, or what educational experts call a “Gap Year”, to gain some personal life experience and more importantly to learn about yourself and make certain of your major before continuing to a university.

A. A Gap Year is a break in one’s educational career, principally taken between high school and college, or in our case between community college and transferring to a university. 1. It’s not a vacation, but rather a slight detour, a scenic route to the end goal which is to successfully obtain a college degree that can be applied to the rest of our future. 2. Harvard Admissions Dean William Fitzsimmons says “taking time off helps students refocus and recharge for the rigors of college and also fosters their emotional and intellectual maturity. (Transition: Three quarters of the class stated in the in-class survey that they’ve considered or are interested in taking a break to either travel or gain some work experience before entering a university.) Body

I. And ten out of sixteen respondents said they were uncertain about the major they’ve chosen. A. I unintentionally took a gap year, or rather years, seven to be exact. 1. It was unplanned and very unorganized at...
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