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A Bushman 
Fictions/Novels by A Bushman

Fictions/Novels by A.L.O.E.

Abbott, Belle Kendrick 
Fictions/Novels by Belle Kendrick Abbott

Abbott, Eleanor Hallowell 

o Little Eve Edgarton
o Molly Make-Believe
o White Linen Nurse, The

Abbott, Jane 
Fictions/Novels by Jane Abbott

Abbott, Lyman 
Fictions/Novels by Lyman Abbott

Adam, G. Mercer 
Fictions/Novels by G. Mercer Adam

Adams, Andy 
Fictions/Novels by Andy Adams

Adams, F. Colburn 
Fictions/Novels by F. Colburn Adams

Adams, Harriet A. 
Fictions/Novels by Harriet A. Adams

Adams, Henry U.S. historian, novelist, journalist

o Democracy: An American Novel
o Esther: A Novel

Adams, Samuel Hopkins Prolific American writer, novelist, journalist

o Average Jones A novel
o Clarion, The A novel
o Little Miss Grouch A Narrative Based Upon The Private Log Of Alexander Forsyth Smith's Maiden Transatlantic Voyage o Mystery by Stewart Edward White and Samuel Hopkins Adams o Success: A Novel

o Unspeakable Perk, The A novel

Ade, George 
Fictions/Novels by George Ade

Ainsworth, William Harrison 
Fictions/Novels by William Harrison Ainsworth

Alcott, Louisa May American author

o Abbot's Ghost, or Maurice Treherne's Temptation, The A short fiction, a Christmas story by A.M. Barnard (Alcott) o Behind A Mask; Or A Woman's Power Novella is written under pen name A. M. Barnard o Eight Cousins A novel

o Flower Fables
o Hospital Sketches A short fiction

o Jack and Jill A novel
o Jo's Boys A novel
o Little Men A novel
o Little Women A novel
o Moods A novel

o Old-fashioned Girl, An A novel
o Rose in Bloom - A Sequel to "Eight Cousins" A novel
o Shawl-Straps
o Story of Experience, A A fiction
o Under the Lilacs A novel

o Work: A Story of Experience A semi-autobiographical novel

Aldrich, Thomas Bailey 
Fictions/Novels by Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Alger, Horatio 

o Adrift in New York: Tom and Florence Braving the World A novel o Andy Grant's Pluck
o Ben's Nugget: A Boy's Search For Fortune
o Ben, The Luggage Boy; or, Among the Wharves, The A novel o Bound to Rise A novel

o Brave And Bold; or, The Fortunes Of Robert Rushton A novel o Cash Boy, The A short fiction
o Cast Upon the Breakers A novel
o Chester Rand; or, The New Path to Fortune
o Cousin's Conspiracy: A Boy's Struggle for an Inheritance, A

o Do and Dare: A Brave Boy's Fight for Fortune A novel
o Driven From Home; or Carl Crawford's Experience A novel
o Erie Train Boy, The A novel
o Errand Boy; or, How Phil Brent Won Success, The
o Facing the World

o Fame and Fortune; or, The Progress of Richard Hunter A novel o Five Hundred Dollars; or, Jacob Marlowe's Secret A novel o Frank and Fearless; or, The Fortunes of Jasper Kent A novel o Frank's Campaign; or, The Farm and The Camp A novel

o From Canal Boy to President; or, The Boyhood and Manhood of James A. Garfield

o From Farm to Fortune; or, Nat Nason's Strange Experience A novel o Hector's Inheritance; or The Boys of Smith Institute
o Helping Himself; or Grant Thornton's Ambition
o Herbert Carter's Legacy A novel
o In A New World; or, Among The Gold Fields Of Australia

o Jack's Ward
o Joe The Hotel Boy; or Winning Out by Pluck
o Joe's Luck; or, Always Wide Awake
o Luke Walton A novel
o Making His Way: Frank Courtney's Struggle Upward

o Mark Mason's Victory
o Only An Irish Boy; or, Andy Burke's Fortunes A novel
o Paul Prescott's Charge A novel
o Paul the Peddler; or The Fortunes of a Young Street Merchant A novel o Phil the Fiddler A novel

o Ragged Dick; or, Street Life in New York with the Boot-Blacks o Randy of the River: The Adventures of a Young Deckhand
o Risen from the Ranks: Harry Walton's Success A novel
o Robert Coverdale's Struggle; or, On The Wave Of Success
o Rufus and Rose; or The Fortunes of Rough and Ready A novel

o Sam's Chance And How He Improved It
o Slow and Sure: The Story of Paul Hoffman the Young Street-Merchant A novel o Store Boy,...
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