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Frankenstein Worksheets
Be aware as you read the novel that point of view changes several times.

Who tells the story first? Walton

How? Letters written to his sister

To whom? His sister

Then who tells the story next? Victor

To whom? Walton

Then who tells the story? (Chapters 11-16)
The monster

To whom?
Letters 1-4
1. 1.      Who is Robert Walton? Describe him in detail. Lived a life of ease and luxury. Self educated. 28 years old

What is he planning? wants to explore north pole

For how long has he planned? Life long dream.

How has he planned? Bought boat., crewman

How is he revealed? Determined, Courages

2. Who is Margaret? Describe in detail. (In a sense, who becomes Margaret?)  walton’s sister, a caring kind person, gentle, The reader becomes Margaret.

3. In Letter 1, what reasons does Walton offer for making his voyage? (At first and later)  
a. he wants to satisfy himself by going where no man has gone before It is his lifelong dream b. he wants to fulfill a great purpose in his life. He wants excitement and challenge.  
4. At the beginning of Letter 2, of what is Walton in need?  He needs a friend. Someone to share his joy and be there when he is down, someone to relate to, to sympathize with.

5. Who fills this need? Margret?

6. How do the sailors act on the ship? Brutal just workers  
7. Walton’s statement “I certainly shall find no friend on the wide ocean” hints at what?   That its going to be a lonely voyage

8. What traits does the lieutenant on Walton’s ship possess?  courage and enterprise, glory to progress his career, gentleness and the mildness, integrity and dauntless courage

9. What kind of man is the master of Walton’s ship? person of an excellent disposition, courages. Gentle mild. Noble.

10. What route does Walton plan to take on his voyage?
 He will go to unexplored regions, to “the land of mist and snow,” traversed immense seas, and returned by the most southern cape of Africa or America

11. What attitude does Walton reveal to his sister in Letter 3?  He has an optimistic attitude yet dubious

12. What does the stranger ask Walton in Letter 4?
 He asks where the ship was heading

13. What do these words say about the stranger’s will?
 A will of iron.

14. How does Walton describe the stranger?
wretched a condition, nearly frozen, emaciated, silent and appears uneasy, manners are so conciliating and gentle, constant and deep grief, so gentle, yet so wise; his mind is so cultivated, his words are culled with the choicest art, they flow with rapidity and unparalleled eloquence  

15. What news of Walton’s arouses the stranger’s interest? They say another traveling on sled.
16.  What is the stranger’s reaction when Walton says that he will allow nothing to interfere with his journey of exploration?  He became gloomy and started crying
“Unhappy man! Do you share my madness? Have you drunk also of the intoxicating draught? Hear me; let me reveal my tale, and you will dash the cup from your lips!”

17. What does the stranger propose to do for Walton?
 He will tell his tale that will prevent him from making the same mistake

18. Why does the stranger feel the polar region is an appropriate setting for the telling of his tale?
The wild and mysterious trait of his tale matches the wild and mysterious region, which would make his tale more believable

19. Of what is the reader forewarned?
 Prepare to hear of occurrences which are usually deemed marvelous, unbelievable

20.  What is Walton’s Plan?
  He will make notes of his story

21. To what is the stranger compared at the close of the journal entry of August 19?
gallant vessel

Chapter 1
1. How does the stranger describe his parents’ character traits?  My mother’s tender caresses and my father’s smile of benevolent pleasure, very kind

2. Why do you think Shelley waits until this...
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