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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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My Personal Statement

From a very early age dentistry has always had a strong impact on me, both in terms of being mentally challenging and also as a 'hand-on ' profession. So that’s why dentistry seems so very appealing to me. I am very committed to follow the career path to become a dentist. I have been inspired by an Aunt who is a dentist and has made me realize that it is a demanding occupation however this has done little to sway my enthusiasm. My hobbies and interests include listening to music and dancing. I have a bright extrovert personality. I am friendly, I always approach everything with enthusiasm and I am always ready to contribute. Studying Dentistry at the Davao Medical School Foundation is a key aim for me due to it’s highly acclaimed academic record, as well as the multiple opportunities that it provides to see the practical application of current research practices. I am genuinely passionate about pursuing a career in Dentistry. Moreover, I believe that studying at the DMSF will enable me to develop a detailed and comprehensive academic understanding. It will also give me the opportunity to work in the outreach environments in order to develop my patient - handling skills. Discussions with undergraduate dental students have only reinforced my decision to pursue dentistry. I embrace the opportunity to put my communication, academic and mechanical skills to use as I work to maintain the oral health of my patients. Looking to the future, I would appreciate the opportunity to fulfill my ambition of working within the dentistry profession. I feel I have a strong desire, good communication skills and the commitment to undertake the study of dentistry.

Sephine Emie Y. Escaro
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