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Hitler and Nazi Germany

Origins and Rise of Hitler- Note Guidelines

Use pages 63-72 in “Authoritarian and Single Party States” by Waller and Todd to make notes using the following headings:

How did the political circumstances of Germany after 1918 contribute to the rise of Nazism?

The new government set up after the abdication of the Kaiser •“Stab in the back’ theory
Disappointment at Peace settlement
Proportional Representation
Constitution- especially Article 48

Challenges to the New Government
Spartacus League- left wing challenge
Reaction of the conservatives to the new government
Kapp Putsch and ‘White Terror.’
Munich Putsch

What part was played by economic conditions of 1919-29 period?

Passive Resistance
New currency and Dawes Plan
Problems in agriculture in 1920s
Wall Street Crash- effect on Germany

How did the Nazi party develop between 1919 and 1929?

Formation of NSDAP
Role of Hitler
Formation of the SA
Munich Putsch- its impact on Germany and on the Nazi Party •Change in party tactics- Fuhreprinzip
Formation of the SS
Reaction to the Young Plan
Support for the Nazis in 1928 (before the Great Depression)

How far did the circumstances of 1929-33 open the way for Hitler’s rise to power?

Impact of Great Depression- unemployment figures
Response of Muller’s Government
Nazi messages
Changes in chancellors between 1930-33
Increasing divisions among political parties
Nazi gains in the Reichstag in 1930
Hitler’s challenge to Hindenburg in the presidential election •Nazi gains in the Reichstag in 1932 –July and November •Increased support for the Communist Party (KPD)
Failure of von Papen’s Chancellorship
Failure of von Schleicher’s Chancellorship
Reason why Hindenburg decided to appoint Hitler as Chancellor •Reichstag Fire
Emergency Decree
March 1933 election
Ceremony at Potsdam
Enabling Law
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