Nintendo Wii Analysis

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Nintendo Wii Case Analysis

The Wii is a video game console released by Nintendo on 2006. It is the 7th generation of the Nintendo family. Today it competes with Sony Playstation 3 which was released the same year and Microsoft Xbox 360 which was released a year ago in 2005. Why Wii? Well, they say that Wii is more than a game machine. It is a social and active entertainment that brings the whole family together. How they have achieved this is by innovation in their gaming console. The Nintendo Wii is "motion controlled" meaning that you the player, have to control your play with your movements using the wireless remote that comes with the console. This is one of a kind feature brought by Nintendo and as of the first quarter of 2012, the Wii leads the generation over the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in worldwide sales. In December 2009, it also broke the record for best selling console in a single month in the United States.

The Wii has many advanced features, compared to the previous Nintendo consoles. The primary wireless controller, the Wii Remote, can be used as a handheld pointing device and detects movement in three dimensions. The Wii Remote controller is the heart of the motion gaming experience because it responds to motion and rotation for enhanced control as we swing, swipe, thrust, or turn the controller. Every Wii console comes with a one Wii Remote controller. Not only this but the Wii has the Nunchuk. This is a new feature that you hook it up to your Wii remote for even more flexibility in compatible games. The Nunchuk has similar motion sensing technology, along with two buttons and a control stick. The whole idea is to give gamers more feel to controlling the game. The Nunchuck also comes with every Wii console. Other accessories like The Wii Balance Board, racing with the Wii Wheel accessory or old school gaming experience with classic controller pro are also available and compatible with the Wii. The Nintendo Wii is also known for giving...
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