Never Let Me Go

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A controversial topic turned into a wonderfully intriguing story which is set in a future where cloning is acceptable, and the sole purpose of these clones is to be “complete” by donating as many organs as they can to the “normal population”. This novel takes the readers on a journey, where they are able to experience sorrow, romance and perhaps even shame that, these “sub-humans” have been brought into the world and are demoted in society; they have no civil rights. They have NO future.

The three main characters, which the novel centralizes on are; Kathy, Tommy and Ruth who are dear friends and perhaps at points, even more than that. They met at Hailshain, a British boarding school where they and many other like them were looked after to an extreme extent so that they would be able to be the perfect “carers” and donors. In this school these students are treated as high class citizens and are not deprived of any rights. They play sports; have indoor heating and decent food. Their quality of life seems great, but we as readers soon learn that it is not for their own benefit. It is for the benefit of the rest of society that perceive these clones to lack humanity and traits associated with being a human such as; emotions (love, pain, sorrow and kindness)

After graduation the trio are not separated. Kathy becomes the carer for both Ruth and Tommy; she supports those who are donors, until she too is called upon to offer her organs. After Ruth’s inevitable death, the clones start to question society in order to stay together, hoping that indeed love will conquer all even death. We as the readers at this point are given hope. A fake hope that has been torn apart with lies and twisted tales that these children had grown up believing were true. It allows the audience to question whether society’s perceptions of these clones is accurate as to them, they seem like normal human beings who are in love and do not wish to die, even if that was...
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