The Legalization of Organ Sales

Topics: Organ transplant, Critical thinking, Human anatomy Pages: 3 (775 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Brad Harding
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In MacKay’s article “Organ Sales Will Save Lives” she offers compelling information which supports the claim that the buying and selling of organs is justified and should be regulated and legalized. MacKay points out that the current trade of organs through the black market is creating a dangerous and unsafe process where people of third world countries are potentially at risk of being unfairly treated and exploited. According to her article, over 60,000 Americans alone on the waiting list for a transplant with an average wait of 10 years (93). If the government were to regulate the process, the procedure would potentially save countless people desperately waiting for a donor, and the process would be completed more efficiently and proper safety measures would be taken. According to MacKay, the world is “run by money” and in such a case government involvement would also ensure a fair payment offered to donors so they are not wrongly treated like those in the third world countries selling through the black market. In her opinion people deserve the right to make decisions involving their own bodies (96). MacKay states that a living organ from a donor has the ability to last a lifetime, while that of a deceased organ may only last a decade (93). In MacKay’s article with the use of statistical information, and an emotional appeal she creates a strong argument to persuade readers that the legalization of Organ Sales will save countless lives.

One form of evidence which MacKay uses to support her point is the targeting of her audiences emotions (pathos). An example of this type of evidence can be seen when MacKay states that patients are waiting desperately on waiting lists for a transplant that they may never live long enough to get (92). This type of evidence is effective because they develop a deep connection with her audience and allow her to reach them on a relatable level where they can understand...
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