Netcafe Monitoring System

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NetCafe Monitoring System


NetCafe Monitoring System is an automated system, which is to be constructed for the sake of aiding the old manual monitoring in the NefCafe of College of Information Technology in this University.

This system intends to replace the manual login and logout process in the said laboratory, considering the fact that some problems keep on existing since the daily process is not methodically arranged. So to speak, one of the objectives is to automate the manual process in order for the students to enjoy their 1-hour stay in the laboratory without any hassle. It also aims to eliminate the use of logbook as a record-keeper. A database will be provided, being the back-end, which will be creating reports.

This solves the problem of some students being a sluggish to write on the logbook whatever they need to as well as those who are abusive of their rights, exceeding beyond the 1-hour limit per day therefore depriving the rights of other students. Having such experience of being deprive, we ended up with this title, be it that there is currently no existing system yet.

In the process, the computers should connect to a server for this system is going to have the client-side and the server-side. However, the client-side can work independently even without the server-side via local network. Generally, a student must register first on the server-side with his ID Number, First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, Year Level, and Section respectively. Once he is registered, it is necessary for him to key-in his name and password to verify his account and for security reasons. After that, he may now conveniently surf the internet; right after the lapse of 1 hour, it would automatically logout. In an instance that a student did not consume his full hour, it will be recorded in the database...
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