Introduction Id Monitoring System

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The introduction gives the background of the project and the rationale for conducting the study. A good introduction should: a. tell the background and b. show the rationale and justification of choosing the subject.

1.1 Introduction

University of Caloocan City formerly Caloocan City Polytechnic College is a local university located in Gen. San Miguel St. Sangandaan Caloocan City. It was founded in 1971. It offers various courses that can develop the intelligence and moral of its students in different fields.

Some of its departments are the Management Information System Department (M.I.S) and the Guidance Office. The M.I.S department handles different transactions such as releasing of registration form, assigning student number, maintaining computers inside the laboratories and processing students and faculty members ID Card. The Guidance Office handles and resolves issues regarding students and provides request form for student ID. As we observe, we found out on one of their transactions that is providing request and processing of IDs for students and some faculty members is currently on its manual process. This results lost of data, delayed releasing of ID’s, less efficient and time consuming of ID processing, because they are only relying on their records on the form filled-up by the students.

We proposed UCC-ID Monitoring System; this is to convert their manual operation into a very reliable and efficient computerized system that can make their ID transaction easier and faster. This computerized monitoring system will help the MIS and Guidance department, UCC students and faculty to make their ID transactions and processing more efficient and accurate. This system is capable of managing Student ID request, printing of Student ID, notifying students through SMS when their ID is done, logging ID transactions and printing hardcopies of ID transactions and logged records.

1.2 Background of the Study

Management Information System (M.I.S) and Guidance Offices are responsible to many important transactions inside the school and because of this they have less time managing their minor transactions, mostly the ID processing of the students. This causes problems not only to the department itself but also to the students and faculty in requesting for their ID. Common ID transaction problems encountered by the department in using their manual operation are lost of ID forms, less efficient, less accurate and lack of way of notifying students and faculty when their ID is done which lead to the delaying of process, inaccurate records and reports. Common problems encountered by the students and faculty are lost of confirmation when their ID is done and delaying of getting their IDs.

These problems are the reasons why we intended to create the UCC-ID Monitoring System, because as a student of UCC wants to help in making ID processing and transactions to be more efficient and more productive. This is for the benefit of the UCC students and faculty for them to acquire their IDs in less time and also for the MIS and Guidance department for them to lessen the time consumed in processing IDs.

1.3 Conceptual / Theoretical Framework

Log-In Module (Guidance Office)

Username and Password
Locate and Verify to the database if the username and password are existing Main Menu Module and enable some parts of the system where the users are authorized

Add New Student ID Request Module (Guidance Office)
Request ID
Locate the last inputted Request ID and add one
Request ID

Add New Faculty ID Request module

Proceeding to Add New Faculty ID Request module

Add New Faculty ID Request
Locating student number in student database
Student Number
New Students ID Request
Saving new information of Students ID Request in the database

Student personal information
Information of Students

Student Image

Locating Student Image

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