Nebosh Ngc Element 1

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Nebosh National General Certificate

NGC1 Element 1

What is Health and Safety? Health:- The protection of people from illness resulting from exposure to hazardous substances and materials. Safety:- The protection of people from physical injury. The problems associated with the safety side has been known for many years for example guards have been required on dangerous machines since the 19th Century whist the knowledge of the effects to exposure from hazardous chemicals have been a much slower development Other definitions used in the field of Health and Safety include:Welfare:- Looking after peoples basic needs. Environment:- The surroundings in which an organisation operates including air, water, land , natural resources, flora, fauna, humans and their interrelationships (International Standards Organisation 1992) Accident:- An unwanted, unforeseen, unplanned event which results in a loss of some kind. Incident/Near Miss:- An unwanted, unforeseen, unplanned event that had the potential to result in a loss. Dangerous Occurrence:- A near miss with serious injury potential, specifically defined in Law (RIDDOR 1995) Occupational Health:- Includes any acute or chronic ill health caused by chemical or biological agents as well as adverse effects on mental health (Health and Safety Executive 2003) Acute:- Resulting from a single short term exposure producing an immediate effect which is usually reversible e.g. Alcohol affecting the nervous system. Chronic:- Resulting from prolonged or repeated exposure producing a gradual effect that may be unrecognised for a number of years and may be irreversible e.g. Alcohol causing cirrhosis of the liver. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------01 October 2007 Page 1

NGC1 Element 1

Nebosh National General Certificate

Hazard:- Something with the potential to cause harm May be physical, chemical, Biological, ergonomic or psychological e.g. Heat, Light, Noise, Acids and Alkalis, Metals, Animal borne, Job movements. Risk:- The likelihood that harm will occur and the severity of the harm. E.g. tripping over cables, coming into contact with machinery When applied to a work situation health and safety responsibility is placed on employers and generally means that the employer should:a) Promote and maintain the mental, physical and social well being of employees. b) Protect employees and others affected by an organisations activities from risks to their health and safety c) Establish a management framework to implement policies and achieve continual improvement in health and safety

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Nebosh National General Certificate

NGC1 Element 1

Health and Safety at Work is achieved by the prevention of accidents and illhealth and there are three main reasons for the prevention of accidents, and ill-health which require it to be given the same priority as other matters such as quality, progress, profit, etc. The three reasons are: 1) 2) 3) 1) Humanitarian/Moral Legal Cost HUMANITARIAN/MORAL

Past experience has shown that the majority of accidental deaths, injuries and illness could have been prevented. There are few people who would not care if their action or inaction was shown to result in suffering by someone else. Attitudes in society are increasingly focusing on health, safety and environmental issues. The media regularly expose instances of peoples’ health and safety being placed at risk. Linked with the humanitarian objective of accident prevention is employee morale, customer relationships and public relations, all of which can be adversely affected by a poor accident or ill-health record. According to the HSE Annual Report provisional estimates for 2002/03 there were: Accidents at Work 2004/2005 Fatal accidents to employees...
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