Nebosh Igc Questions and Answers 1998-2005

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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JUNE 1998
Answer ALL questionsTime Allowed: 2 hours

Section 1This section contains ONE question. You are advised to spend approximately HALF AN HOUR on it. The maximum marks for each part of the question are shown in brackets.| 1|(a)|Define the term `ergonomics'.|(2)|

|(b)|Outline the possible effects on health that may be caused by the poor ergonomic design of visual display unit (VDU) workstations.|(4)| |(c)|Outline the main factors to be considered in an ergonomic assessment of a workstation to be used by a VDU operator.|(14)| ||||

Section 2This section contains TEN question. You are advised to spend approximately ONE AND A HALF HOURS on it. The maximum marks for each question, or part of a question are shown in brackets.| 2||Provide sketches to show clearly the nature of the following mechanical hazards from moving parts of machinery: || |(i)|entanglement|(2)|

3|(a)|Outline the main factors to be considered in the siting of fire extinguishers.|(4)| |(b)|Outline the inspection and maintenance requirements for fire extinguishers in the workplace.|(4)| ||||

4||Explain the meaning of the following terms in relation to noise control|| |(i)|silencing|(2)|
5||Outline a procedure for the safe lifting of a load by the use of a crane, having ensured that the crane has been correctly selected and positioned for the job.|(8)| ||||
6|(a)|Define the term `target organ' within the context of occupational health. |(2)| |(b)|Outline the personal hygiene practices that should be followed to reduce the risk of ingestion of a hazardous substance.|(6)| ||||

7||Identify FOUR different types of hazard that may necessitate the use of special footwear explaining in EACH case how the footwear affords protection.|(8)| ||||
8||List the items that should be included on an inspection checklist designed to ensure the safety of portable electrical appliances. |(8)| ||||
9||Outline the main precautions to be taken when carrying out excavation work. |(8)| ||||
10|(a)|State TWO respiratory diseases that may be caused by exposure to asbestos.|(2)| |(b)|Identify where asbestos is likely to be encountered in a building during renovation work.|(6)| ||||
11||List the ways in which a fork lift truck may become unstable whilst in operation. |(8)|

NEBOSH Certificate – June 1998

Paper A1 – Identifying and Controlling Hazards

Outline answers and guidance given in the NEBOSH examiner’s Report

Section 1

Question 1

This question aimed to assess candidates' breadth of knowledge in relation to ergonomics. Many candidates, for part (a), were able to provide adequate definitions of ergonomics, which is generally accepted as being the study of the interaction between workers and their work, and is concerned with the design of the workplace, work equipment and work methods with the needs and limitations of the human operator in mind. Definitions such as `man-machine interface', which still commonly appear in candidates' answers, are considered to be too narrowly focused. Ergonomics is concerned with far more than simply the use of machinery.

Part (b) required candidates to demonstrate an understanding of the possible health effects that may be caused by the poor ergonomic design of VDU workstations. A number of candidates simply listed conditions such as work-related upper limb disorders and eye strain, which was insufficient to gain high marks. The question required candidates to provide an outline of such conditions in order to demonstrate a proper understanding of the effects. An adequate outline would typically include detail of symptoms and the circumstances that would make the...
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