Natureview Farm

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Table of Contents
Main Issues3
Company Background3
Natureview’s Profile Products4
Market Trends Analysis for organic product4
Yogurt Market Trends5
Yogurt Market Segmentation by Packaging6
Yogurt Market Segmentation by region7
Yogurt Market Segmentation by Competitors8
Yogurt Market Segmentation by Distribution Channel10
SWOT Analysis10
Analysis of Strategic planning Options11


Fundamentally, this paper is about our findings of the Natureview Farm’s case study. In order to understand comprehensively about this company, we need to investigate further for the company’s past and current activities which is it will affect future growth of the company. All of this information is imperative to us in decision making process. Moreover, we could also make a decision what is the best strategy for the Natureview Farm. To understand thoroughly about the company, we need to: * Analyze the company's history, development, and growth. * Analyze the external environment.

* Evaluate the SWOT analysis.
* Explain each option of the Natureview Farm based on qualitative and quantitative analysis. * Make recommendations.
Main Issues

Currently the company faced a new challenge situation - to identify the best marketing plan in order to grow revenues by over 50% before the end of 2001. The main focus of the company was whether to expand into the supermarket channel to achieve their expected revenue. A decision which would represent a major departure from the company’s established channel strategy and which would impact every aspect of Natureview’s business. Company Background

Established in 1989, Natureview Farm is a small yogurt manufacturer which emphasizes the use of natural ingredients and a special process that gave the yogurt its unique smooth, creamy texture without the artificial thickeners which produces high quality yogurt. The yogurt was manufactured at the Natureview farm production facility in Cabot, Vermont started with 2 sizes of cup in two flavours- plain and vanilla. The sizes of cup are 8-ounce (Oz) and 32-ounce (Oz). Natureview Farm’s revenue had growth from less than $100,000 to 13Millions as reported in income statement 1999. Because of the emphasize of natural ingredients and it strong reputation for high quality and great taste help the company to grow up to national distribution went on to attain leadership in nature food. By the year 2000, the company producing 12 refrigerated yogurt flavours in 8-Oz and 4 flavours in 32-Oz. The company had also started exploring Multipack yogurt products for the child package in 4-Oz cup and yogurt package in tubes. Even though in 1997, Jim Wagner as Chief financial Officer has recommendation to arrange for an equity infusion from a venture capital firm to fund strategic investments are successful, the investor now needed cash out of its investment in Natureview. Now Natureview management has faced critical problem and need to find another investor itself because their current goal is to increase revenues to $20 million before the end of 2001. * Natureview’s Profile Products

Yogurt is a dairy product, the result of milk fermented in a carefully controlled environment. Special bacteria added to the milk change its texture and give yogurt its unique health properties – it is a good source of calcium and improves digestion. Below are the criteria of the nature’s product: 1. Natureview yogurt flavour and texture was the company’s founder’s family yogurt recipe, the recipe used natural ingredient and no artificial thickeners which produce great and high quality taste. 2. The company used milk from cows untreated with rGBH, an artificial growth hormone that increased milk production. 3. Because of their special process and ingredient, Natureview life span on the shelf was 50 days longer compared to other competition’s only 30 days. 4. Natureview has...
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