Kayem Foods Case

Topics: Marketing, Marketing strategy, Advertising Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: April 5, 2012
Problem Statement:
Within Kayem Foods, Matt Monkiewicz the director of marketing is facing a critical decision that could have a big affect on sales and market share. Al Fresco chicken sausage is one of their products that has recently gained majority market share in its category. The budget for which is dedicated towards the marketing of Al Fresco has been doubled due to the growth of the brand. What Matt needs to do is decide whether to pay for another buzz marketing campaign or to use more traditional marketing strategies suggested. Matt believes the original buzz marketing campaign had a significant part in building the brand to the market leader but no definite evidence of this being true. He must review the costs of each strategy and relate the benefits to each as well and then make the most informed decision possible for the best results for the company.

Situational Analysis:
A great way to look at the problem at hand is to look at the things the firm has going for them and against them, more specifically a SWOT analysis. This will help us make a more informed decision that will benefit the firm.

Strengths: Kayem foods, more specifically Al Fresco, are the current market leaders in the small niche market of chicken sausage. They have just recently overtaken Aidell within the last year and now have 11% more market share then them. It is easy to see that this gives Al Fresco a great start to seeing what they should spend the budgeted money on. They can look back and try and simulate a similar strategy that made it possible for them to get to where they currently are. Another strength they can use to their advantage is the numbers from the previous buzz marketing campaign that include the distribution of the where and the who the conversations took place and the relationship to them. With this they can breakdown the information on the market and see if they think it had a big effect on the sales increase. The fact that the budget for marketing...
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