My Criticism and Review in Our Lts

Topics: Education, Teacher, Learning Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Abegail C. Acohon
Being with this profession I chose, I have to make the tasks that have been given to me. And one of those is that to undergo in a Literacy Training Service (LTS), where we need to learn more things about teaching literacy and numeracy skills to those school children, out-of-school youths and other segments of society that will needs our service. By the means of that I can empower and equipped my potential to render voluntary services in the community. Also it will help enhance my skills and patience on teaching. As a requirement for NSTP we need to complete the whole 27 hours on this midterm. So that our professor assign us on different Barangays or village here in Valenzuela. She assign us to Sitio Kabatuhan in Gen. T. De Leon. As she assign us to that address we immediate go there together with my Groupmates. As we visited them, we greet and meet the assign teacher there which is Mr. Julius Caeser Comonical the kindergarten teacher who will be guide us to know how to handle a kindergarten students and whom will be teach us on how socialize with them. After the conversation he gave us our daily schedule. And the things we need to do every day we visit on the Day Care Center. Also he gave us the job description we needed too. On the day that I’m assigned to go to Sitio Kabatuhan Day Care Center. I introduced myself to those Day Care Student. I’m glad to know that they welcomed me with hostility. I then argue with them myself as well as my colleagues. We sat down and did the first observation made ​​by Mr. Comonical teaching his Day Care Students. The day was fun though there are some rambunctious and troublesome and naughty children. Sometimes I asked them what their names or else I talk to them to get they attention to courage them that we are willing to teach them, so that they can asks us whenever they can’t understand some things about Mr. Comonical teach them....
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