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Topics: Education, History of education, Teacher Pages: 2 (292 words) Published: September 17, 2012
My name is Maria del Carmen. I was born in Ecuador: the first

time I came to Florida was when I was 15 years old, then I came back five years

later. I did finished school in Ecuador. I have a degree in Fisico Matematico it

sounds confusing but its fun. I realize that i'll have better opportunity in Florida

even though my degree is not accepted. I still had the opportunity to work

environment. After s few months a met my partner, I have been with him for five

and half years. We also have a beautiful daugther.

My first job was being a babysitting for a while, which I loved then it hit

me, why not get a degree in earlyu childhood education. I got a job in a

preschool, I was able to do my 45 hours where I learned a lot, I'm not saying I

did not know things, it just helped me learn more. I'm exited about obtaining my

CDA; I know it will open a lot of jobs opportunities. I'm also willing to learn and

improve my teaching. I have worked for year and a half with young children. I

love how the children learn and how they are so curious about their


From my perspective, I know about children a little more by taking these

courses such as the 45 hours and also by having a child of my own.

I want to grow more as a teacher and be able to teach the appropriate things to

the young children. The CDA will help me learning the 13 functional areas. After

I compleye my CDA, I want to continue with mmy education one day so that can

work in an elementary school.
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