Multinational Management in a Changing World

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Multinational Management in a Changing World

Multinational Management
Formulation of strategies and management systems to take advantage of international opportunities and respond to international threats

The Globalizing Economy
Globalization: the worldwide trend of the economies of the world becoming borderless and interlinked.

Negatives of Globalization
Not all economies of the world are benefiting equally or participating equally in the process. Terrorism, wars, and a worldwide economic stagnation have limited or reversed some aspects of globalization. Producing negative effects such as scarcity of natural resources, environmental pollution, negative social impacts, and increased interdependence of the world’s economies. Widening the gap between rich and poor countries.

The Benefits of Globalization
Resulting in lower prices in many countries as multinationals are becoming more efficient. Benefiting many emerging markets such as India and China as these countries enjoy greater availability of jobs and better access to technology. Major reason why many new companies from Mexico, Brazil, China, India, and South Korea are the new dominant global competitors.

The Globalizing Economy: 7 Key Trends
Disintegrating borders
Growing cross-border trade and investment
The rise of global products and global customers
The internet and information technology
New competitors in the world market
The rise of global standards of quality and production

Countries of the World: The Arrived, The Coming, and The Struggling Developed countries: mature economies with substantial per capita Gross Domestic Product, international trade and investments. Developing countries and emerging economies: sometimes considered the same thing. Limited definitions and limited commitment in classification Less developed countries (LDCs) have yet to show much progress in the global economy Most are located in Central and South America and Africa....
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