Modernism Notes

Topics: United States, Latin America, Mexico City Pages: 3 (803 words) Published: March 19, 2013
‘One is never rasquache, it is always someone else, someone of a lower status, who is judged to be outside the demarcators of approved taste and decorum’ (p. 58, Mercer)

‘Latin America is the interwining process of politics, economics, and culture. Latin America is no exception, even as the modernization meant to inaugurate new forms of human relations has yielded contrary results in the region’s deeply unequal societies. We look at terms like ‘modernization’, ‘modernity’ and ‘modernism’ as wel as authors who consider Latin America a ‘problem’ that has allowed artists and intellectuals to ask important questions about nationhood, identity, and modern life.’ (p. 284, Coffee & Tejada)

“The encounter between Europe and the ‘Indies’, and the ‘subjection of one by the other, has been known throughout history by several names: invasion, migration or foundation’ (p.284 Coffee & Tejada)

‘Latin American modernism, by necessity, engages with the effects of colonization and its contemporary legacies. This dialectic between past and presents differs from the rhetorical rejection of the past that European modernists often proclaimed. Likewise, Latin American modernists recognized their ‘errancy’ within the ‘wesr’’ (p. 284, Coffee & Tejada)

‘indigenous subjects , wmen, and peoples of African descent qwew often depicted as compulorsy to national culture but estranged from modern life, or so generalized and idyllic as to be emptied of active historical meaning’ (p.287, Coffee & Tejada)

‘Race is central to Latin American modernism in figurative traditions… Frida Kahlo’s The Two Fridas (1939).. engages with regional identity and the legacies of conquest… depicts a divided self redoubled in the viewers vision split between an indigenous Tehuana dress and European Victorian attire.’ (p. 288, Coffee & Tejada)

“Kahlo has us watch what women undergo with their bodies, from birth to death, by nature and by accident” (p. 22, in her own image)

“altering certain...
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