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Topics: Business ethics, Ethics, Marketing Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Summary of Case:

Coca-cola was established in Atlanta, Georgia in the year 1885 since then Coca-cola has faced many challenges from several entities from several countries like the Pesticide controversy in 2003 in India, Excessive water usage in India, low compensation to the respected resources etc.

The whole case is about to find either Coca-cola is doing their business ethically or unethically. Coca-cola has been pointed figure for their lack of transparency, lack of ethics in marketing, Unhealthy nature of its product as well as inimical practices toward their stake holders, foreign particle in the bottle and also Coca-cola is challenged by the human right as for the abuses they do to their human resources (Coca-cola detached 8 employees of their Pakistan branch without proper reason) etc.

Though there are several claims were done against the Coca-cola they were given prestigious World environment foundation award in the year 2005. Coca-cola has defended them self against all the offences very well. After the offence of having pesticide in their product they counter-challenged the claimers and “The energy and Resources institute” (TERI) gave them “clean chit” that there were no pesticides found in any product of Coca-cola such report proved that Coca-cola is at least not doing unethical practice in their product quality and product ingredients but It doesn’t proves that Coca-cola is doing whole business ethically though Coca-cola tells us about how they conduct ethical business as below * Effective code of conduct

* Environment policy (policy that does not harm the environment) * Supplier guiding principles with which they claims that they only conduct business with the suppliers which are doing business ethically as per the norms of the respected government * Shared values

* No child and forced labour
* Health & safety of employees
* Collective bargaining
* Fair wages and Benefits
* Compliance with laws and...
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