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Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Ethical code Pages: 3 (791 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Coca-Cola has had one ethical issue after another to resolve over the past decade or so. There is no current evidence to suggest that Coca-Cola could become the next Enron. Both companies have had to deal with issues with employees not having loyalty to the business. What differs between the two is Enron had accounting numbers that did not add up correctly. The reason behind this was later discovered that company money was being transferred to off shore bank accounts. This was later proven to have been done to make the company look financially better to their stakeholders and to avoid paying United States taxes. Issues like this can not only damage a company’s image, but financially as well, which was proven by it being a factor in the bankruptcy of Enron. Coca-Cola has not had to deal with a problem as large as this and probably will not have to because management keeps a close eye on how the company is run. ( Coca-Cola’s ethical and legal problems appear to have had an impact on Coca-Colas financial performance, with its stock trading today at the same price it did ten years ago. The various ethical crises have been associated with turnover in top management, departure of key investors, and the loss of reputation. There seems to be no end to these events as major crises continue to develop. A deontological analysis shows that coca-cola is an unethical company that has taken advantage of people and abused certain situations; Coca-Cola Company did not conform to general moral principles. By racially discriminating against their workers, Coca-Cola has violated the non consequentiality perspective that governs the rights of individuals as human beings. ( Discuss three actions Coca-Cola should take to restore its reputation and eliminate future ethical dilemmas with stakeholders. There are several steps Coca-Cola can do to restore its...
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